Harlem Renaissance By: DAniella & Carisma

The time period of The Harlem Renaissance was the 1920's, and some historical events were Shuffle Along, Running Wild, and Charleston.
Artwork was influenced by African American artist Augusta Savage, she raised awareness on discrimination against black artist.
African- Americans had opportunities to make records, perform on the radio. Then Harlem nightclubs would attract wealthy white party goers and tourists to drink, dance, and listen to the popular African-American music.
They believed that they should take pride by having self determination, unity, and sympathy.
They have an optimistic view of life because they are proud of who they are and show that through music, art, and literature.
Their view on society is that discrimination against African Americans is not right and it that there needs to be progress.
They wanted to attend art school, but they often declined to consider black applicants for scholarships due to their race.
The dominant genres produced reflects that art, music, and literature had a big influence on everyone in the Harlem Renaissance.
The historical period affected the arts and beliefs of the literary movement by allowing African Americans to demonstrate their emotions.
Artists influenced this time period by bringing awareness to African Americans. Art was a big part of the Harlem Renaissance and made it impossible for people to ignore discrimination.


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