Construction Update Improvements across the Croton-Harmon district

We hope that you are having a great summer!

We have been doing a considerable amount of work across the District. This undertaking marks year two of the three-year capital project that we began in 2018 and includes important improvements enhancing health, safety, energy efficiency and comfort. You have likely noticed the workers, changes in normal traffic patterns and construction trucks the past few months and we thank you for your patience throughout the process.

Here is a school-by-school description of the improvements:


Energy efficient windows are installed at CET

New radiant heating has been installed in all third and fourth grade classrooms. Energy efficient windows have replaced outdated ones in first, third and fourth grade classrooms. Additional windows are now being replaced in offices used by the administration and nurse, as well as in the library and computer room. All windows will be installed by mid-September; no work will occur while children are present in the classroom. CET will also enjoy a new servery in the lunchroom to enable food service under the District’s Child Nutrition Program. Lastly, telephone land lines are being installed in classrooms as an added safety measure.

The servery is being created at CET as part of the District's Child Nutrition Program


Work at PVC has been focused on the kitchen that will supply each of our three schools with lunch, as well as the high school and middle school with a trial breakfast service. This construction began in the evening hours of June to ensure that appropriate time was allocated for the project. To date, new piping and conduits have been installed beneath the floor and a new floor has been laid. Sinks have been put in place and the electric upgraded while windows have been added between the kitchen and serving line. Finally, equipment has been delivered and will be installed in the coming weeks. Additional updates about when the lunch program will begin will be made available in the next two weeks.

The new floor has been laid and equipment is being installed at the PVC kitchen
Electric and plumbing have been installed for the new kitchen equipment


Significant improvements have been made to the ventilation system in the older part of the high school, ensuring the optimal flow of fresh air throughout classrooms and hallways. Next, several sections of steam and condensate piping that had corroded required replacement, including a large section of the auditorium. Telephone landlines have also been installed in classrooms. This work and related cleaning will be complete by the start of school.

Work on the CHHS gymnasium

The gymnasium is getting a major upgrade, including the installation of a new floor and bleachers. In the process of replacing the floor, we were informed by our engineers that the majority of the floor is not level and will require additional, unforeseen work to rectify the issue. While we anticipate having the floor completed by the first day of school, the bleachers will not be installed until mid-September. They will be stored in the gymnasium until that time and, as such, students will not be permitted to enter. Our Athletic Director, John Buonamano, has been working closely with the fall sport coaches to ensure that our teams have contingency plans to successfully execute their pre-season practices and the start of the fall season. If your child is playing a fall sport that is impacted, you will hear directly from the coach about alternate plans.

Work in progress at the CHHS gymnasium

Finally, in addition to the work in the schools, we are constructing a storage facility on the grounds of CET and District Office to house supplies and equipment. By moving this equipment, emissions will be kept away from the buildings and equipment will be centrally located.

Construction of storage facility on CET/District Office grounds

We are pleased with the progress that we have made to the buildings and grounds and how it positively affects our students, faculty, staff and community. If you would like to hear more about our summer construction projects, please join us for a construction work session at the August 15th Board of Education meeting at 7:00pm at the District Office.

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