Copper Fiddle Distillery 532 West IL Route 22, Suite 110, Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Copper Fiddle Distillery offers: spirits & cocktails, tours, outdoor imbibing, and live music & events.
Beyond the bar is the source of everything at Copper Fiddle Distillery; take a tour and see for yourself.
Gaming, live music and events are also in the mix.
Tom Gin and Fiddle Gin share small batch, handcrafted quality from Copper Fiddle Distillery, but one taste makes clear all their unique characteristics.
As of this post, there are eight different labels at Copper Fiddle Distillery.
Although they cost more, these small barrels provide four times more flavor interaction than standard barrels.
Andrew the Bartender tops off an Old Fashioned, customized with Copper Fiddle Bourbon Whiskey.
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