The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt By Dylan lyden

The Spatial Experience: As I approached the theatre, I actually got a little nervous as I had never before seen a play. When I entered, the beautiful art above immediately caught my attention. I was ushered to my seat, which to my luck was in the second row from the stage. I feel this made my experience so much better as I was able to really see the emotions the actors expressed. The size of the theatre was smaller than I expected, but I actually prefer this over a large venue. When the lights finally dimmed, I became very excited and eager for what was to come. This all helped me realize that place, no matter where are one is, can draw out different emotions. These emotions can then affect decisions which can either hurt or assist one's quest for a good life.
The Social Experience: I was unable to attend the play with friends that I knew of because they were unable to go when I went, but I actually ended up randomly meeting my friend Justin there. It was nice to be able to discuss the play with somebody else and have an intellectual conversation. Sharing experiences is very important to me in my search for a good life. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and hearing other people's thoughts on just about anything.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play focused on the differences of those who a and religion. Prior to the play, I knew that in the early 20th century people were consistently clashing about these issues. I also knew this time period was very difficult for many, as we see through the struggles Talbot's family faces on a day to day basis. I am neither a religious or artistic person, so the play did not really relate to my life. With that being said, I feel I was able to learn more from the play and observe the issues with an open mind.
The Emotional Experience: This play definitely opened my eyes up on how difficult life was for some during this time period. Talbot's story I feel presents the best opportunity for katharsis, as he and his family endured tragedies that no one should be forced to deal with. The play presented a lot of negative human qualities that elicited anger from myself.
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