Who's on Drugs Sam is on drugs

Sam is a 19 year old male who lives in Boston Massachusetts and goes to a high school. The drug he is addicted to is nicotine that he uses in cigarettes.

He started to smoke when his father died. After his death his mother had to be working extra hours and his older brother is currently in college. Sam tried to but gave up on getting a job because nobody would hire him. Everyday Sam always get more stressed out.

Sam spends around $15 dollars a week just on cigarettes. After 2 weeks of smoking he started losing all of his friends. He also started pulling himself away from his mother as well trying to smoke as far away as possible to smoke.

Sam can not pay any attention at class. He says "All I can think about is when I can take my next cigarette." Sam is still deciding if he wants to drop out of school.

Sam uses around 4 cigarettes a day. Since the first time he smoked he immediately got addicted. He has bad breath and yellow teeth. He also feels burning in his throat, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Smoking also effected his mental health. He has been changing his appetite. It was also hurting his memory and has been in a change in mood. It seems like he is not going to stop soon.


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