Good Life Tour of the Harn By:Diane petit-bois

The Old Man's Cloth

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: El Anatsui (Ghanaian b. 1944) Old Man's Cloth 2003

Unlike the other pieces in the museum, this piece has an interesting medium that quickly captured my attention. The artist made the piece out of bottle caps and liquor bottles which was a bit striking to me. During that time period they were first introduced by colonists. Seeing this piece in the museum instead of online allowed me to better appreciate the time and effort that went into making this piece. I also would not be able to understand the texture of the piece and the different types of bottles used . I felt as if I understood the hardships the people went through in their society in creating this metallic cloth.

Design of the Museum

The Asian Art Wing

The Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum: This area known as "The Asian Art Wing" stood out to me the most out of everything else in the museum. The design was breathtaking. Walking into this area reminded me of that "Fine China" people would have at their house that they would only bring out for special guests and visitors. The first picture clearly displays how the light enters and captures the beauty within the room. Also, how the space in the room allowed that simplistic feel. This exhibit made me feel as if I was trapped in my mother's cabinet filled with fine China sets.

Classic Torso

Ruth Bernhard: Classic Torso 1952 Platinum photograph

Art and Core Values: One of my many core values is personal growth. Over the years I have been trying to over come low self-esteem and gain self confidence. This particular piece by Ruth Bernhard, stood out to me the most because I saw myself in this lady. I would always try and hide my face when it came towards taking pictures or I would hide in the back to not be seen. Overall this piece reminded me of my new year's resolution, which is to feel comfortable in the skin that I am and learn to grow into a confident person. This are piece made me understand that I am not the only one dealing with self esteem and that I can inspire others to gain confidence. This motivates me to continue to stay positive and ignites that small flame in me that wants me to grow.

Anne Noggle: Artifact 1976 Gelatin Silver Print

Art and the Good Life: When I took a look at this image I immediately saw my grandmother who passed away during the earthquake in Haiti. My grandmother did everything in her power in order for my father to receive the Good Life before his passing. Through the emphasis of the wrinkles in this lady's hands I feel as if I can feel her struggles that she endured. The wrinkles may also signify her wisdom and the dentures in her other hand can symbolize her smile since it is the top denture. Smile through the pain is what first came to mind. This picture allows me to understand that sometimes you must fight for the Good Life, or sacrifice yourself in order for your children to receive the Good Life. This piece makes me appreciate some of the struggles I might never have to face.

The End

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