Southwestern Ben and Aileen 5Q

This is one of the many mountains of Nevada
This is this week's weather

STATES: The southwestern region includes Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico,Colorado, and Utah. WEATHER: It is always warm no matter the season, but colder in the mountains. In SUMMER the temperatures are around 100°F. WINTER: Winter is about 70°F.Also it is the last region on the main land.

There are lots of deserts and mountains. It doesn't rain a lot in the summer. It does rain in the mountains thunderstorms.

Winters in the valleys are low 40s. Fall is mild so not cold, but not hot. The Pacific Ocean cools the air to the coast and makes it mid 70s.

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona. The highest temperatures climb well past 120°F.

the grand canyon

The rainfall is about 60 inches each year in California.

rain in california

Climatologists use satellites, instruments,and past weather history.

that is a weather satellite

In 1857 January 9 there was a earth quake with a magnitude of 7.9 in Fort Tejon, California.

Common weather events are earthquakes and dust storm.

HHHHuuuuuge dust storm


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