Portfolio Reflection Susan Williams LS 5843

Instilling a love of poetry at the Poet-Tree (Standard 3 Obj.1)

Maze building makerspace during flex time Friday (Standard 6, Obj. 11)

Pixel art makerspace during flex time Friday

Introducing a growing collection of classics to 7th and 8th graders

a very sparse graphic novel shelf at the beginning of the year (Standard 3 Obj. 1)

a much fuller shelf 2nd semester after students were introduced to classics

Teaching & promoting empathy & kindness to all students

kids love the window reading nook

Arthurian legend display (Standard 6, Obj. 1)

Life Skills class making nebulas in a jar for their science lesson (Standard 1, Obj. 3)

ELA collabrative lesson on poetic elements (Standard 1 Obj. 3)

7th grade ELA teachers & I dressed in our "Poe capes" for the poetic elements lesson

regular "lunch crew" getting in some reading for AR points while eating lunch

February's "Blind Date with a New Book" display, which was a huge success. Students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones & give something different a try. The only clues they had were the genre for fiction or the main Dewey classification number for nonfiction. They loved it so much that they didn't want it to end and it resulted in a major boost in AR testing. (Standard 6, Obj. 11)

After school Book Club reading intervention in collaboration with a 7th grade ELA teacher & 7th grade SPED teacher(Standard 6, Obj. 11)

Black History Month display (Standard 6, Obj. 11)

Display case highlighting local Black History

New books! (Standard 3, Obj. 1)

weeded copy of Divergent vs. new copy of Divergent (Standard 3, Objective 1)

weeded books

Library scavenger hunt to reinforce students' knowledge of their library (Standard 1, Objective 3)

Life skills lesson on air & international travel, which was the 2nd part of their travel lesson. The video below is part 1.

Hamilton inspired STAAR bulletin board (Standard 6, Objective 11)

collaborative lesson with math teachers (Standard 1, Objective 3)

making banners for our state bound high school basketball team (Standard 5, Obj. 5)

April's display case featuring William Shakespeare (Standard 6, Obj. 11)

display to reinforce lesson on the science of reading and how it relates to ones' health

research materials pulled by the students, using their library Symbaloo, for their Spanish research projects (Standard 4, Obj. 5)

FIS students participating in the district spelling bee (Standard 4, Obj. 5)

a collection of jazz books generously donated by our band director in memory of one of our extraordinary Jazz Band students who was murdered in late April

Classics Birthday Corner: highlights a different classic writer each month celebrating the anniversary of their birth

Students have the opportunity to research and answer 5 questions about the writer featured in each month's b-day corner. They earn extra credit in their ELA classes for correct answers.

list of writers featured this school year (with more to choose from next year)

FIS team shirts waiting for our district Name That Book competition participants and volunteers

The generous ladies at our local Half Price Books who generously donated several large boxes of books for Literacy Night giveaways.

Bilingual Christmas banners for our English speaking students & families as well as our ESL students & families

make your own comic book station with a free comic book for each student

photo booth

the winners of the three Kindle Fire tablets

book walk

drawings for giveaways

the faculty members & volunteers who helped make it happen


Standard 1, Obj. 3


Susan Williams & Raquel Williams

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