Thomas "Nice to meet ya shank" "welcome to the glade"

About me: I'm Thomas, i woke up in a box not knowing who or where i was but all i could remember was my name. I was very curious about the maze and i knew there had to be a way out. I can be very determined and very stubborn when i want to be. I guess you could say i am courage's because i ran into the maze to help Alby and Minho. I can be intelligent when i'm under pressure.

Blog: Running into the maze Before i decided to run into the maze i was cared and nervous because if Minho and Alby would make it back and Newt was to far away and the doors were about to close so at that moment i decided to run into the maze to try and help because i wasn't gonna sit around and do nothing. When i realized what i had done i was shock. I was about ready to break down but i realized they needed my help and Minho wouldn't let me. I was telling Minho that we should bring Alby somewhere safe but Minho thought he was a lost case so he ran and left me with Alby. A minute later i could hear the metallic clang of a griever and it was getting closer so i was scrabbling around trying to drag Alby and hide him somewhere. i started to tie Alby up with vines and i climbed up one of the walls with him and tied him up, the griever was getting closer. I was all ready high up so i couldn't climb down the griever was to close so i tried to blend in. Eventually the Griever was right below me, i could hear all the sounds it was making "click" "click" Then it went silent. I was to afraid to look below me but i knew it was there. A second later it started to climb the wall i was terrified. I started to climb the wall horizontally then vertically. I started to run, i heard it behind me and it kept getting closer. I thought i was escaping but then i ran into 3 other grievers. I though i was gonna die so i decided to run twourds the griever. I stepped right then dived left. I kept running and eventually i ran into Minho but the grievers also found us so Minho decided we should try the dive again to see if we could fake the grievers out and have them go off the cliff, and it worked. That was my experience in the maze

  • I like running in the maze
  • I'm very curious about the maze
  • I can do anything you need me to do really
  • I like to hang out with chuck


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