Nature Activity Griffin Bria

Nature on Display- The design of this exhibit was extremely appealing to me because I thought it was very peaceful and calming. The exhibit really captured my attention because of the little koi pond that was in it. I thought the koi pond was very interesting and beautiful because it had beautiful flowers around it, and it also had very graceful koi swimming in it. I learned that koi fish are very peaceful and graceful animals. I wouldn't have learned that koi fish were extremely graceful if I did not go to this exhibit. The museum was so enjoyable because it felt like I was in another country. The garden was so lush and peaceful, and the butterflies and koi fish were beautiful.
Nature and Ethics- The Natural History Museum did provided me with the opportunity to experience nature in the ways which Leopold recommends. Leopold says that we should learn and admire nature, and not use it for profit. At the Natural History Museum, all I did was admire how beautiful the scenery was. While at the museum, I felt at peace with myself, I sensed a tranquility in the air, and all I thought about was how great nature really is. I think that other people reacted the exact same way as I did, because from I saw from their facial expressions and actions, they really enjoyed the museum. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature because although you weren't allowed to touch anything, you were basically immersed in nature. There were butterflies always around, flowers and plants always close to you, and even a little pond right under you. The museum did instill Leopold's views in me because after being immersed in nature like that, I really do have a different view and opinion on it.
Nature and the Human Spirit- The Natural History Museum helps step out of our ordinary lives because it basically takes us to a different location in the world. The butterfly museum does not look like ordinary Gainesville. In the museum, you are completely immersed in nature; you have beautiful plants and flowers around you, and you have hundreds of butterflies just fluttering around. It helps us find out who we are because while in the museum, you're immersed in your own thoughts of just how gorgeous the nature really is. When you are in that serene of a place, your mind just endlessly flows, which helps you find out more things about you. The museum also helps us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world because while in the museum, you are literally right in the middle of a natural world. Because you are centrally located in a natural world, you learn and experience many different and interesting things.

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