V.E.B. NARDAPARLI Budawang Burning, 2020

Nardaparli is a renowned painter from the Wreck Bay community in NSW. Her paintings are treasures of South Coast Aboriginal art. Nardaparli is the great, great grand daughter of Rosie Burragalong-Davis and Mickey Johnson. She is also related through her father George Brown to the Yuin people of the far south coast. Her great, great aunt was Ellen Anderson nee Burragalong Davis who recorded many south coast stories in early compilations of South Coast Aboriginal language and stories. Ellen with her husband Hughy had travelled the country from Maloga Mission to Kangaroo Valley to Kiama and the Georges River in Sydney. When Nardaparli paints she feels her ancestors guiding her and finds it hard to stop until a painting is finished.

When the 2020 bushfires ravaged the south coast of NSW, Nardaparli remained in her Wreck Bay community and watched as the mountains turned red. Many evacuated. Nardaparli saw more than just the fire. She saw the deep spirits of the mountains in the flurescent red glow from Gulaga (Dromedary) to Didthul (Pigeon House) mountain. She also saw spirits rising up from the ocean around her. Her Budawang Burning painting is an icon of 2020. Nardaparli made these comments about her painting. "It's a true painting. It's what I and we as a people and all of the Yuin nation see." "There was fire everywhere you looked". "The women are the fire keepers. They are able to carry the spirit of the dolphins up into the sky and galaxy and they continue on in their journeys protecting all of mother nature's glory" "When Europeans first came to the Shoalhaven they were hungry and they went out in a rowboat and shot at the dolphins.. when our women heard this they picked up rocks and hit themselves and wailed and wailed.. " "When the fires were raging.. the spirits were showing their shapes and forms.. during the fires all my people were taking photographs showing the spirits they were coming out of the trees and everywhere.." "..they are too strong.. especially at sunrise and sunset.." "When we visited Uluru the old ladies said "why do you come all this way from Booderee and see these spirits and have this spiritual connection straight away.. its because we are in tune with our mother". "We looked down the coast and the black smoke and white smoke and flames.. .. it was something I have never experienced before in my life.. I hope my grandkids don't have to go through that.. but its going to get worse.. people are playing around with things they shouldn't be..." "We've been burning the right way for thousands of years.. we've always taken care of the land.. " "Didthul.. that's tear drop dreaming.. when she cries.. after there's been no rain for a long time.. she cries and fills up all the rock pools.. that's sacred water.. thats where we women go with our babies.. men's places are around too, but not on that mountain.. its tricky hey" "Didthul is shaped like a woman's breast.. she's related to the northern stories of the sisters.. I don't know how I know all this.. I have the ear and the passion to listen to the old people telling stories and when I am doing my artwork I can feel them guiding me.. and I am thinking I can't stop this painting.. I want to keep on going.." ".. all the stories of the sisters up north they are connected to our stories here.. Gullaga lake is water from the central desert.. thats why it has the best oysters in the world.. an elder from the Central Desert told me that.. she said that's a big story.."
Part of the proceeds of each painting are donated to Breast Cancer Research and to the ongoing work of the ISX.
Nardaparli’s paintings are available as signed limited edition prints on 100 per cent cotton fine art papers. They are available in two sizes A2 40X62cm $250 and full size 60X90cm prints for $500.
To order your print for Christmas, please email: peter@peterbotsman.com with your order. To have a chance at getting your print before Christmas you must order and pay before December 10, 2020. Note there are some inter-ruptions in supply of high quality fine art papers so first in best dressed.
Prints may be picked up directly from Arthead, Moss Vale or for an additional cost mailed in a tube to you throughout Australia or internationally.
Framing is also available through Arthead, Moss Vale or at your local painting framer.

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Photograph Peter Botsman Print production: Arthead Moss Vale, NSW,