Nicholas Acord Meet our Founder/Athlete/Artist

Nicholas Acord was always a back-country mountain explorer -even when he was too young to realize it. Countless hours were spent in the raw elements of the Uinta/Wasatch mountain range. Nicholas' first memory of this was at the age of 7 riding on the back of a snowmobile his dad was driving. With his first snowboard in hand around age 12, he would jump off the back of the snowmobile into sometimes shoulder deep powder, find an open fresh face, hike up it and ride down. This sparked a joy in him that he has rarely has been able to recreate other than through snowboarding. He didn't see a groomer run until he was 16 years old.

This tradition started early on as he grew up hearing the stories of his Grandfather clearing 100 foot drops, back when they first started putting shocks on snowmobiles. In fact it was his grandfather who taught him many life lessons, including the importance of a strong work ethic and an adventurous spirit. He also spent a good part of his childhood working on the family ranch with his grandfather near the Sawtooth mountain range in Idaho.

Through life experiences of his own such as moving to the desert, being involved in the street art and graffiti lifestyle, to college, the corporate job route, overcoming a life threatening blood disorder, through QiGong, Tai Chi and other holistic health methods, Nicholas will probably tell you we are the sum of all of our experiences.

Fast forward to today he has launched a business that showcases his artistic talent, passion for back-country riding and it's people of that community, has competed in Freeride World Tour Qualifier events, trains upwards of 100 days on mountain each season and has developed a new approach to teaching people to snowboard.

At the Ranch in Idaho
Sometimes the Waiting is the Hardest Part...Beartooth Highway Montana/Wyoming Border
Always Finding New Ways to Eat Healthy
Practicing Tai Chi Anywhere

Tell your audience about your style of art and what were your biggest influences with that style?

I'm a mixed media artist that prefers oil painting but recently have immersed myself into digital arts. My influences come from a broad range of cultures. Western graffiti and ancient Asian panel art are my favorites. I'm drawn to the stillness of nature and mimic my brush strokes to it's motions.

Do you feel like your artistic style is demonstrated in your snowboarding style?

Absolutely. The face is my canvas and the board is the brush, if you will. I put short and broad strokes on the canvas sometimes I just use straight lines and some moments, the brush leaves the canvas.

Speaking of Styles, tell us a bit about your own style of snowboarding that you have developed and teach to others.

My style was influenced by studying Tai Chi and Qi Gong while taking advanced snowboard training back in college. I noticed that the body mechanics and movements were very similar. In Tai Chi, animal style movements are mimicked and Qi Gong is about meditation, postures and breathing. I moved back to the mountains of Park City and have continued to immerse myself into the study of these principles and how they apply to snowboarding.

Give us a break down of some of your snowboard training methods and rituals.

I like to get up before the sunrise and practice different breathing techniques and stretching. By the time I get to the mountain I'm already feeling loosened up and warm. I take it pretty easy on the first hikes. Once I know that my body is charged and ready to go, I then hike out to the top of the mountain and check out my surroundings. I meditate and change my breathing based on the line I choose to drop.

Are your methods and rituals different on competiton days?

Not much except I try to stay calm and not spike my adrenaline until right before my competition run. I also try to get a massage the night before the competition which helps keep me relaxed and focused.

Where did the idea to start RMA come from?

From my travels and exploration to different ski towns and it's mountains. I wanted to showcase the beauty, micro-cultures and the characters I meet in each town I visit.

Created By
Leilani Stafford