North Texas Landscaping Native plantings for drought tolerance and low maintenance.

Front yard before we started

Front entry - before.

Front of house - before.

Focal point bed - before.

Side view, front yard - before.

Focal point bed from inside window - before.

Sidewalk - before.

Front yard phase 1: Digging layouts for the expanded beds

The team dug out sod, old metal edging and some plants then started shaping the new beds.
Removing st. Augustine sod
Trenches were dug along the perimeter of the expanded beds as foundations for the new boarders to come next. Inside the beds we tried to maintain most existing foundation plantings and preserve re-usable plants and boulders to be repositioned.
front yard phase one is done. New beds are shaped, trenches for the new boarders are dug.
The new bed takes shape. The design converted the front yard to two-thirds bed and one-third turf.

Front yard phase 2: Installing boarders

Lots of rebar, chopped block, flagstone and cement to put in the new boarders.
The new boarders take shape and the original boulders and flagstone are staged to go back into the reshaped beds.
The chopped block that forms the visible portion of the new boarders is placed onto fresh cement in the footers that were created. This anchors the block. Later mortar will go into the seams between the block.

Front yard phase 3: "hell strip"

Our landscape designer Carrie Dubberly calls that strip of grass between the street and sidewalk the "hell strip." We wanted to replace it with something attractive, distinctive and equally low maintenance. Also wanted it to tie into the bigger design in the main bed. The sod was dug out a soil was brought in to create mounds and texture.

Front yard phase 4: Compost, top soil, River rock, plants... and a few flagstones

The design elements coming together
Final boulders get placed and focal point plants going in.
Adding boulders and plants to the 'hell strip'.
Shaping it up before finishing off with river rock
Washing it down
Placing plants, old and new, and setting boulders

Front yard - Finished!

The focal point bed redesigned.

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