Moscow's birthday party September 2015

On Sept 3-6, the city of Moscow celebrates a big birthday party. There we were..., we bought tickets for the famous military parade on the red square and it was raining cats and dogs, with a forecast of rain for the coming 3 days. Imagine our surprise, when we woke up the next day to wonderful sunshine that lasted all our stay. Later we were told by the concierge that they (Putin...) send airplanes up to the sky to scatter the rain clouds, to make sure nothing rains on their, parade ! Can you believe that ! Even the weather is controlled in good old Russia!
Ministry of foreign affairs, MID

Our hotel was located opposite this amazing building, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is located at one of the busy major intersections of Moscow. Let me translate the street signs below. 1. New Arbat (main street) 0.8 km to the left. 2. Sadovi circle, 3. Komsoloskaya street 1.5 km to the right. IN YELLOW - I guess the yellow sign is marked as the most important and it reads: "MC Donalds 24hrs" to the right ! I found this hilarious !

Moscow is a mixture of people with a huge gap between the rich and poor. I think this contrast is most visible, from what I have seen, in Moscow. Prices are very high even for European standards, I can't imagine how the "normal" people afford even a cup of coffee.

Talented musicians at every corner
This is the mall at the red square, it is more of a museum than shopping mall, with prices like this, only the first lady can shop here...
The best way to get around Moscow is to use the Metro. The metro stations are amazing, I just went from one station to the next to take photos of the station. They are all different and all beautiful. The Moscow Metro is perfectly safe, all under control!
Not only children enjoy a good swing ! Here outside the Pushkin metro station are swings, where adults (more than children) are having a blast swinging.
Non stop traffic in Moscow
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Janet Efrati

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