Internet Availability to the Public by: matt maser

Background Information: The creation of the World Wide Web began in the 1970's with the U.S. government working alongside American universities to link computers through satellites and cables. Their project was finished by Tim Burners-Lee during the 1980's and finally reached the general public in the 1990's. The creation of this network redefined life around the globe; education, research, and entertainment were changed forever. People all over the world could now be connected with one another in an instant, revolutionizing human communication.

Tim Burners-Lee at his Computer

The Impact on History: The Internet kick-started a revolution in America. Everything from businesses to politics was reshaped by the advances of the Web. The availability of the Internet to the general public did not only affect Americans, in fact it connected many Americans to their friends around the world. The World Wide Web fueled economic growth and has become a part of many American's lives today.

Internet Availability Across the Globe
The Internet connects people around the world.
Representation of a Network

What Effect did the Internet Have? The availability of the Internet lead to an economic boom in the late 1990's. Young investors realized the potential of the Internet and because of this the stocks of dot-com companies, companies related to the Web, skyrocketed. The creators of websites such as Amazon and Yahoo! became instant millionaires due to the outstanding success of the Internet.

Stock of Yahoo! shows its height in the late 90's.
The World Wide Web
Modern Family Enjoying the Internet

What Makes the Internet so Important? The Internet has become an essential part of human life. Our main form of communication is due to technology that takes advantage of the Internet. Face to face communication has slowly been taken over by Internet messaging. This messaging not only applies to family and friends; however, even the largest companies in the world communicate with employees via Email. Education also has been improved thanks to the Internet. Schools all around the world use tablets such as iPads in class to teach their students.

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