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And for You...

How Would You Like to Be Remembered?

Welcome to CheckOutPlan™

Build a plan for end-of-life events provide guidance like...

Who gets your stuff, and why...

Decide who's going to care for your pet and provide all the information needed to keep him happy and healthy...

How would you like to be remembered?

Share your best memories...

CheckOutPlan is:

• A website that helps you define and share your wishes

• A way to communicate with loved ones about challenging subjects

• A place to share your stories for future generations

• Build a trusty team to help fulfill your wishes

• A way to give your family and friends the love and support they need, just when it matters most

And, it's one of the best gifts you could ever give....

CheckOutPlan Isn't

A CheckOutPlan is not a will but rather, it's all the things a will overlooks

CheckOutPlans help avoid family conflict...
And brings people together...

CheckOutPlan is fast and easy to use!

Write your family history and leave a legacy for others...

Our privacy & security protocols exceed industry standards.

CheckOutPlan is Flexible

Change or cancel your plan at anytime

Store, download or print files as you like

Build a team to fulfill your plan when the times comes

CheckOutPlan is Powerful

Provide a much deeper sense of your wishes and beliefs

Have a place to write and store your best stories

Write a guided Just-in-Case letter. Ask people for their thoughts

Take stock of the possessions in your life, upload photos for easy identification

And... much, much more...

Create your plan and rest easy...
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Created with an image by Xavier Mouton Photographie - "Them, my universe, my world, the two people who matter most to me !"