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Meet Mr. V

  • Mr. V, a 58 year old male, came to our office expressing concern about his receding gums.
  • Another doctor had recommended a gum graft, but we felt he would be a great candidate for the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Pre-treatment photos

March 16th, 2016 - Notice the receding gums and exposed tooth

Day 1

The Pinhole Surgical procedure (upper arch only) took 1.5 hours under local anesthesia. Mr. V responded great, and had minimal discomfort from the surgery. As expected, there was minor bleeding and inflammation present, but the results were immediately apparent.

Immediately post surgery

3 day Post Op

3 days post op showed great progress, with minor swelling and soreness as expected. The treated area showed significant improvement at the gumline, and the once exposed areas is now covered by the tissue that was moved down.

3 days Post Op

6 days post op

6 days post op, and the treated area has begun to heal well. The surgical entry point exhibits redness, but had closed. Mr. V shows no discomfort, and is extremely positive about the results

6 days post op

Final Results

The treated upper arch shows no indication of gum recession, which you can compare to the untreated lower arch.

Final results

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