Portuguese Man-O-War By: Tiller and Santos

The Man of war is extremely venemous and can kill animals with one touch.

It is sometimes mistaken as a jellyfish when it is seen.

The man of war is an invertebrate which means it has no backbone.

It is a carnivore which means it only eats meat and not plants.

They may look harmless but...


Habitat-It is found in tropical oceans and it just floats above the water.

Adaptations-It can sting you very powerfully and it is also venemous and blends in with the top of the water.

It's only predator is the logger head turtle

It's role in the world is to control the fish and plankton population

The man of war reproduces sexually

It's body systems are listed and described in the picture below


  1. The man-of-war is not a jellyfish. They’re a siphonophore, a single animal made of a colonial of organisms working together
  2. The tentacles with the stinging cells can get to be 165 feet (that’s longer than a blue whale!) long, but are more on average about 50 feet.
  3. The gas that the man-of-war is filled with is Argon. That’s number 18 on the atomic table.
  4. The man-of-war (or, man-o-war) is also sometimes called the bluebottle.

Land Ho

They can be found on land because, the wind will sometimes push them onto shore. If you ever find one on land don't touch it!!

How it eats/digest

Using its venomous tentacles, a man o' war traps and paralyzes its prey. It typically feeds on small marine organisms, such as fish and plankton, and has few predators of its own.

The man-o-war has been found to kill a whole colony fish at once.


Their stinging things can stretch up to 165 feet long

They can only go 30 ft below the surface

They can grow up to 12 inches big

They are very hard to see on the top of the water

They are a bluefish purpleish color

They can sting even after they die

They call my Mr.Fantastic

Our animal is the best invertebratecountry

The end

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