Digital Video Journal Sharon c neveu

Assignment 1:

The 15-second vacation commercial

This was my first time using Premiere. I have recently been using Camtasia for video editing and used Final Cut Pro a few years ago and found there to be some similarities. I like the interface of Premiere and it offers more precise editing and easy click and drag options. I was surprised at the amount and quality of public domain video and audio that was available at pexels and bensound and found some footage and sound that I wanted to use in the project. I'm pretty happy with the result, but would like the video to fade out and it seems unfinished without the title. I was able to go into Vimeo Settings to change the preview still in as didn't like the beginning image that was preselected.

Assignment 2:

The 30-second vacation commercial with title and effects

This seems a lot more complete, transitions, title and length give it more substance and more time to complete the story. I would like to be able to do more with the title frame- have the text expand or contract or and wondered if there are transition and effect templates or if you have to do it manually?

Some photos from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- a great place to visit!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- Cleveland, OH

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