And introducing Modulum High-Gloss Grand Piano Finish

For the third year in a row NAGRA has relied on MODULUM audio platforms to bring the best out of their flagship system.

The room dominated the Show hands down. Three Best of Show awards and nominations!


Robert Harley

Nagra’s room delivered not only the show’s best sound, but also one of the best-sounding demonstrations I’ve heard at any show in recent memory.
Best Sound (Cost No Object) Hands down, the Nagra room.

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Jason Victor Serinus

Of all the systems I auditioned at this year's CES, Nagra's was the unquestionable standout. Its sound was full-range and transparent, with brilliant and glistening highs, a totally realistic midrange, astounding low bass reach, and an ability to flesh out complex overtones and undertones without distortion.

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Mohammed Samji

Building a great sounding room inside a hotel is an art, but Nagra seems to have perfected the recipe. No matter if they played tape, streamed digital or CDs the sound was intoxicating. I wish I could have cancelled all my meetings and camped out in Nagra room.


We were proud to introduce our new BLACK GRAND PIANO FINISH and WALNUT HIGH-GLOSS at the 2019 CES.

Modulum, the increasing choice of discerning audiophiles, audio manufacturers and the recording industry.


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