Exhibit 1: Twice the Tigers Equals Twice the Power Time Management



Every Wednesday I would leave my apartment with my roommate at 7:15 a.m. so that we could arrive at the school at 8:00 a.m. This is the route we took every Wednesday from our apartment to school. (Try not to get dizzy)

These are schedules that i followed every day for a month


Time is the one factor we cannot regain if lost. The amount of effort we put in our time will reflect what times gives in return. That is why time management is so vital in any task. with my daily schedule, I was able to get more accomplished than I expected. with my daily planner, I would eat breakfast at the same time and go to bed at the same time. As a result, not having to figure out when to eat everyday or what time to go to bed made it easier to focus on important work. Another benefit that came from this technique was training my body to adjust to this new schedule, which was very convenient in it's own way.

Developing a routine also made it easier to be prepared for spontaneous events. This Clockwork motion made a healthy lifestyle achievable, such as completing a forgotten task and having most assignments partially done, making it easy to handle school relate stress.Last year this all would have been a problem, because I would just freelance everything, but now I am capable of tackling unplanned events all because I valued every minute. Now I know that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.



This is a text confirming a study group


I've fond it extremely helpful to have an scheduled event commit to more than one person, including yourself. When not giving something your full efforts or completely abandoning a project, you not only feel that you've let yourself down, but you also feel like you have disappointed your fellow classmates. If you also feel like you need help, having a new perspective show you a different way to approach a problem or obstacle always helps. Above is a text message that confirms a group tutorial meeting at the ASC. This meeting proved to be very useful and full of great reviewing for a test the next day. Another is a daily routine of me and my roommate diving to school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for class. By having others involved in my activities and task it seems much easier to tackle and felt like more liability was at stake.

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