Clownfish bY: ISABEL BURKE

Clown fish are amphibians. Clownfish can be very colorful. They can be 2 inches to 1 foot. Their average weight is 250 grams. Their body shape (describes what they look like) is covered in scales, stripes of all kinds and colors, and mucus. Their family members are pomacentridae.

This is a picture so you can see how long and how much they weigh.

Clownfish are omnivores, they eat plants and meat. These are some specific things that clownfish eat! They eat, shrimp, algae, marine worms, plankton, and basically everything that is not poisonous. Clownfish have no unusual eating habits. Clownfish are under humans in the food web. Clownfish live in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Clownfish like to swim in 75°F - 80°F (24°C - 27°C), the salinity at 1.020 - 1.024 and the pH from 8.0 to 8.4. They can adapt to live at the bottom of the ocean and use shallow lagoons and coral reefs to hide and protect themselves. Clownish live with big groups of fish or sea anemone.

Clown fish eating and and finding the right sea anemone.

Clownfish have this slime called mucus that covers their body. The mucus allows them to go in sea anemone without getting stung. This is how clownfish protect themselves. They can only go in ten different types of sea anemone.

Can you see the mucus at the end of it's dorsal fin?

Clownfish enemies are eels, sharks, humans, and large fish. Clownfish protect themselves by quickly swimming inside the sea anemone and...ZAP!! The predator gets shocked.

One of a clown-fish predators!

Here are 5 interesting facts about clown fish. Fact 1. They are being used as pets which lowers the population .Fact 2. They have a about 600 bones, can you believe that! Fact 3. There are 30 different types of clown fish, WOW! That’s a lot. Fact 4.There is a green clown fish! Now we have our last fact. Fact number 5.They only have 2 fins! And it looks like there's more!

A clown fish hiding in sea anemone !


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