The Skeletal System

The skeletal system is the system of the body that serves as a support framework, protects vital organs, works with muscles to produce movement, and produces blood cells. It is the bone that keeps your body together and allows movement. HEALTH BOOK

This system is made up of bone. The bone completes the structure of the system. The two main reasons skeletal system is in your body to protect organs and produce blood cells. HEALTH BOOK

When the system is down it will more than likely stop producing as much blood cells and vital organs will be more exposed. The skeletons weakest point is when broken or fractured.

- Choose foods rich in calcium phosphorus and vitamin D. - Exercise to strengthen joints. - Wear protective equipment and properly-fitting, well-cushioned shoes, and warm up before exercising. - Sit, stand and walk with correct posture. Participate in screening for scoliosis.

Many people suffer from scoliosis and that means that their back bone is misshaped and not straight. A way you could fix this is simply go to the doctor. One way you can prevent if it's not from birth is sitting or standing with good posture.

  • Bone is the structural material of the skeletal system. Periosteum is a thin tissue that covers bone and contains nerves and blood vessels. Bone marrow is soft tissue in the center of most bones where both red and white blood cells are formed. Cartilage is soft, connective tissue on the ends of some bones. Ligament is a tough fiber that connects bones together. Joint is the point where two bones meet.

Bones produce blood cells. The skeletal system protects organs that could be damaged without your bones.

ALL INFORMATION IS FROM Meeks Heit Health & Wellness McGraw Hill/Glencoe written by Linda Brower Meeks!

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