Ancient Rome Travel Guide

Rome lies to the west of the Apennines Mountains that forms the backbone of peninsular Italy.

Apennines Mountains

Rome is a hilly place and the Tigris river makes a good source of water.

Tigris river

In Rome the climate is warm in the winter there is Lots of rainfall.

Winter in Rome
Map Of Rome
Puteoli is one out of two major port cities.
The Colosseum; also known as the Flavian Amphitheater. It was also used for battling in.
The Roman Forum was the original downtown of Rome, a former swampland.
Some of the things they did in the Roman festivals.
this one of the games the games they played
this is one of the big arts they did
This is a paper of all different kinds of culture they did.
They would play disk
This some of the Romens food
this guy is poor-> so sad :(
This is a statue to honor the gods
Romen family's
Romes alphabet


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