PAX By: Sara Pennypacker

One wrong act does not define you, or your future.

“no matter how bad things got, we could always make ourselves new again” (117)

This quote defines the theme of the story, "Pax" by Sara Pennypacker because it shows how you always find a solution to your problem if you believe in your goal and dig deep enough into what you want to do. People say in real life how once you hit an obstacle your done, but not in this story. Everyone has a goal and everyone reaches it at some point. This quote relates to this theme because no matter how bad things got with the characters they believed enough for them to reach what they wanted.

"A leg is a very big price to pay, Every day, every single day, i wish i had it back"

This quote relates to the theme of the the story, just because Vola lost her leg doesn't mean that she should live a full life of regret. One single act should not define who you are for the rest of your life, not matter how bad it really is, don't punish yourself for one mistake because you feel guilty. The theme of the story shows how if you make a mistake it should not stick with you. This quote for example is what this theme is about for the whole story.

the theme of the story pax relates to Vola

Vola helped develope the theme of Pax. Vola let's a bad memory define who she is. It hurts to think about her bad memories of war. Vola shows a full life of regret and she thinks that she deserves to be punished. Vola will do anything to get this memory out of her head. Vola murdered someone. Vola lost her leg in the war. Vola has a prosthetic leg but thinks she doesn't deserve it. She uses her wooden, heavy, cut, leg instead. Vola is a little bit too "war sick." Vola keeps bringing back bad memories to scar her more and more each day. Vola is letting a small act define herself because she does not believe in letting the memories go.

Peter helps develop this theme.

Peter believes in pax and rely's on him to keep him happy, until he has to let him go. Peter will do anything to let Pax come back. Peter is letting this one memory (letting pax go) keep him from thinking about anything else beside this. Peter is letting Pax go out in the wild and this is defining Peter. I guess you could call Peter a boy with a best friend. Just because Peter let pax go doesn't mean that he won't get him back. While Peter is stressing over getting him back he was going to find him all along.

Runt is a part of the theme

Runt and Bristle's parents got killed and they hate humans because of this. They are letting this one memory define their overview of humans. Runt and Bristle now have to hide and hope to never see humans. This memory of the humans killing their family is impacting on what might happen to them. This is going to be like this for the rest of their life because they are letting this memory get to their future. Which is one of the parts in the theme.


The baseball bat is a symbol for this theme because Peter's last memory with his mom was when he smashed her favorite vase. Peter's memory of this is effecting him very badly and thats why he doesn't have a bat, because the bat symbolizes his mother's death to Peter. This is effecting him for the rest of his life. He thinks that it is his fault that his mother died. He thinks that he could have done something to stop his mother from getting mad and getting in the car crash. This wrong act is effecting him.


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