Andrea M. Frau Canabal ED202 EPORTFOLIO, SPRING 2017

Part One: About Me

My Personal Educational Philosophy

For most students, teachers are an extension of their families, as well as schools are a second home. Teachers are role models for students each and everyday. Not only do they teach subject content, they must implement real life scenarios and morality in their class. I believe that the role the teacher plays in a classroom should have a balance. A teacher must be demanding and portray leadership, while being kind and respectful. A teacher should always push their students to do their best, as well as having their back in case they fail. As a future educator, I see myself having a classroom with good communication and a trusting relationship between my students. This will allow me to know each individual students and their learning styles. By acquiring this knowledge, I will be able to apply all the necessary styles in the curriculum, as well as having the tools to deal with any personal issues.

I believe that all students are capable of learning. It is our job as effective educators to provide the student with the correct tools and guidance for their learning experience. Every students is different, therefore, a teacher should always be diverse and apply various techniques. I plan on incorporating numerous instructional strategies like group activities, cooperative learning, informal and formal assessments and technologic tools that will appeal to every student. I believe that with a combination of good instructional strategies, various learning styles activities and good communication between the students and the teacher will help create the perfect environment for students to learn.

In my opinion, education is what helps create an effective teacher. It helps you grow as an educator and as a person. Life is constantly changing, therefore, one should never settle for the basic knowledge already learned. A teacher should always be eager to learn new things that could enhance their way of teaching in a classroom. As a future teacher, I see myself leaning towards a progressive classroom where students will learn subjects required by the school as well as experiences for real life tasks. I want my students to incorporate their knowledge and experiences, not only on their educational tasks, but also in real life situations. My future goal is to create a strong foundation for children to have a successful future. I want to create a classroom where my students feel safe to make mistakes and learn who they are as time progresses. My goal is to teach my students how to apply their knowledge on a day-to-day basis, spark a sense of curiosity for learning, and help create great minds for tomorrow.

My Educational Technology Philosophy

School is not what it was when I was a student. The advances in technology are constantly changing the way the students are taught. Nothing is constant. Generations and the interest of students are changing. As an educator, I plan on advancing with the technology as it goes and incorporate it in the classroom. This will help me keep my students interested.

Technology is great to enhance the way we teach, yet it comes with great responsibility. Technology is an extraordinary tool for education when you know how to use it. As educators, we have to teach our students not only how to use a computer and navigate through the internet, we also have to teach our students about the risks they might encounter. When we provide the students with the knowledge of searching the web, we are opening the doors to a whole new world. Because it is such a huge responsibility, I believe that parents should be a part of this process as well. To ensure that the students are able to safely manage the technology around them, I would like to involve parents as I incorporate new methods of teaching and technology in my classroom.

I believe that technology could be implemented anywhere in the curriculum. It could be used to assess students learning in various ways. Technology could be used to introduce a subject, to complete activities and games as they learn the material, to complete informal assessments before a test and also to create a fun environment for the students. Not only will it help students enhance their academic skills, it could help them in a professional level. Technology is a huge part of our lives these days. By helping them have a better understanding of technology and its uses, students are able to apply it as needed in their everyday life creating better quality projects and adding a professional aspects to their work.

Part Two: ISTE Standards Competencies

Standard 1: Facilitate & Inspire

The first standard focuses on facilitating and inspiring students learning and creativity. This standard leads teachers to use their knowledge in a subject matter or technology to achieve a more innovative way of teaching in a classroom. It covers both face-to-face and virtual environment. For this standard, I have provided my first artifact, the makey makey. This technology tool has helped me not only with the standard, but also with my growth as an educator. Now, I am able to incorporate a more innovative project to my classroom. It will promote inventiveness, creativity, cooperative learning and real world problem solving, all in the same activity.

Standard 2: Design & Develop Digital Age Learning Experience & Assessments

This standard focuses on how teachers evaluate and create the perfect learning experience for their students. Contemporary resources are required to provide the best content. By following these standards, I was able to complete my second artifact, the lesson plan. In my lesson plan, I incorporated different digital tools, like Plickers and iMovie, to create a technology enriched environment in my classroom. I also obtained the knowledge of different assessments and learning styles, which I did not have at the beginning of the semester. This knowledge will help me have a more broad variety of activities and resources for all my students and their needs.

Standard 3: Model Digital Age Work & Learning

The third standard focuses on providing the knowledge and advantages of a lesson, using mainly technology. With this artifact, I was able to model and facilitate a lesson to my students, which they can access anywhere. This will not only reinforce your communication with parents and students, but it will also reinforce the material covered in class, helping with time and schedule. This artifact has expanded my ways of teaching and now I am able to further help my students out of school hours.

Standard 4: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship & Responsibility

Internet safety, legal and ethical behavior are all very important topics that need to be discussed with students. By following the standards, I have completed my fourth artifact, the newsletter. This artifact is an innovative way to approach topics that might not be very appealing for kids. This technological letter helped address issues that are important for a safe internet experience. Now, I can promote digital etiquette and the right information using a fun method for my students.

Standard 5: Engage in Professional Growth & Leadership

Technology is never constant, it keeps advancing every day. As teachers, we should always want to provide accurate and relevant information. This is why this last artifact and standard is so important. A teacher should improve and expand his or hers knowledge as things change. The google certification level 1 provides teachers with tools that will facilitate their usage of technology in their classroom as well as their professional life. It will benefit the students as more innovative tools are introduced in class. It will also help you as a teacher to incorporate those technological abilities to your school and community. Thanks to this certification, I can use the applications like google calendar, google drive, docs, sheets, forms, gmail and more to my advantage.

Part Three: Conclusion


At the beginning of this semester, I had no idea how to use technology in a classroom. Completing these artifacts has helped me build a strong foundation that will allow me to create a well rounded classroom. Now, I feel confident that I can create a lesson that will include technology and innovative methods for my students. It will also help me create a bridge of communication with the parents and my coworkers. This course has been a great opportunity and an eye opening experience that will be of great use through my career.


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