Jaylyn's Bucket list

First on my bucket list is to graduate High School and Attend Long beach state

My dream job as a child was to become a Marine Biologist. To do so, I'll attend college and Graduate with a Bachelors degree in a biological science, Earn a master in a Marine biology, get a Ph.d in Limnology Oceanography.
I've always wanted to travel the world with a loved one or a family member. Where I want to visit is Hawaii because I'm a fan of sea life and the ocean.
On my bucket list I eventually want to start a family. I don't want to die old and lonely , I mean who wouldn't want to get to take pictures of their children like the picture above or take family trips with your children and husband/wife
I've always wanted to go to disney world because i'm a big fan of disney characters and i heard its beautiful
i want to attend one of bruno mars concert. I've always been a fan of his music since i was younger. He's something like a celeb crush
I as kid i was a drama queen and i took Acting/Drama classes and i want to reunite with acting for fun
I would like to take my poetry to the next level and publish my poems skin, I am me, and dangers of loving you
I would love to visit HollyWood
When i visit hollywood i would love to see the walk of fame
I would love to visit paris because its the city of love
I would love to go sky diving with my little brother
I would love to attend one of the Weeknd's concerts
I would love to visit broadway because its beautiful and i would want to visit it broadway on New years eve to see the crystal ball
I would like to visit the San diego zoo because I love animals
On my bucket list i would like to go to coachella with my best friends
And last but not least o my bucket list i would like to take piano lessons


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