I want to explore the athletes in TA Aaron liu

Athletes indicate all the people who are involved in at least one sport, most of the athletes are tall and skinny with lean muscles.
What people say about athletes?
“They are strong and good at sports and popular”.
“The athletes who I know are friendly and can run very fast.”
“Very popular kids who are bad in school”.

What most athletes are expected to do in TA?

  • Very popular in school because they win some awards.
  • Not academically smart.
  • Very strong and tall(depending on the sports).
  • Friendly and socialized, have many friends.
  • More likely to use marijuana than non-athletes.
Being an athlete clearly has positive social advantages because they are in better shape and have teammates as friends.
For some sports, the athletes are tall, and the trend for girls now is to like tall guys.
Athletes have a better spirit of resilience and perseverance by insisting in doing sports.
However, athletes are not usually academically smart because of all the attractions.
Even though smoking is bad for athletic performance, athletes in high school are easily addicted to marijuana and cigarettes for being cool.
Athletes enjoy being called so despite all the negative impressions on them, because they are mostly considered as honors of a school.

What label is on me?

I am a bit of a loner, Some people say that I am super anti-social, because I don’t like making many friends.
I am not like a goth who hates people; instead, I just don't think it's necessary to have more friends than we need.
What I chose to be didn't make me feel lonely inside, I feel that I have less friends but with higher quality.

Impacts of the label on my life:

  • I don't feel bad for making less friends.
  • I have more time to do what I like.
  • I have more time to stay with who I truly like.
  • People don't dislike me as expected as long as I respond their greetings.
  • I feel like I am living in a way that I should do.
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