project 3 Spark Page Cole Robertson AMPD March 16, 2017


The scope of this project was we were to create 3 different items of our choosing on a 3D printer the Makerbot Replicator or the Form 2 by Form Labs, the VersaLaser 4.60 laser cutter, and the Roland - SRM-20 CNC mill.

Direct For Manufacturing

Direct for manufacturing is designing and working in the fastest and most efficient way on products strictly for manufacturing and profits.

Manufacturing Processes

Some manufacturing processes used in this project was additive manufacturing for the 3D printer which adds materials as it prints instead of using subtractive manufacturing or losing material as you work like the laser cutter and CNC mill.

MakerBot Replicator

I used the MakerBot Replicator as my 3D printer, the MakerBot Replicator works by there is filament that is heated up and extruded onto the printer top. Where, when, and how much filament to put onto the printer top is told to the printer by the computer and CAD (computer aided design) model you make. The printer moves using a stepper motor and the printer uses additive manufacturing to create a product with little to no waste. I made an apple. I CADed my apple and sent it to the printer to print. I configured the printer and printed my product. The 3D printer is a good example of Direct for Manufacturing because there is almost zero wasted materials and also 3D printers allow you to create products and parts when you need them and have no need to wait for new parts to come in that someone else made saving you time and money .

Roland - SRM-20

The Roland - SRM-20 uses subtractive manufacturing to mill out a part. The SRM - 20 starts with raw material and cuts away material to create your final product. The SRM - 20 uses stepping motors like the MakerBot Replicator to move and like the MakerBot i used CAD to model my part and then interfaced it with the mill to mill out my final project. I am creating a flower in which i created in SolidWorks. The Roland - SRM exemplifies direct for manufacturing in the fact that it is the cheaspest of the machines available and is able to produce products fast then the 3D printer.

VersaLaser 4.60

The VersaLaser 4.60 uses subtractive manufacturing to create designs and etch out parts of a material. The VersaLaser 4.60 works by atoms shot from a co2 tank come out and are amplified by mirrors and then funneled through the nozzle onto the cutting surface. For this project i again created my project in SolidWorks and transferred it into Adobe Illustrator to fully define the lines to tell the laser what to cut and to what extent. I created the logo for Sanger Boats for my dad and it turned out better than i thought. The Laser Cutter is great example of direct for manufacturing because it is by far the fastest machine we had access to between it, The CNC mill, and the 3D printer. Along with this the laser cutter was determined to be the most precise which would be very valuable in manufacturing.

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