ALDI a unique grocery experience

How does ALDI pass low prices on to the consumer?


Bags cost $.10 upon checkout - an incentive to bring your own
To use a cart, insert a quarter and then return the cart to receive your quarter after checkout
Inventory is limited to select ALDI favorites based on consumer analytics
Stores are smaller in size as compared to other typical grocery stores
Labels are kept simple
Multiple barcodes are placed on each item to ensure efficient checkout
Hours of operation are limited to peak grocery times
Double Guarantee to ensure 100% customer satisfaction
All of these cost-cutting strategies result in lower prices for the consumer


Energy and Climate

Reduced energy consumption in 2015 by 20%

Smart sub-meters, lighting and HVAC controls, real-time energy monitoring


Voluntary partnership with the EPA - report emissions annually

Ammonia - natural refrigerant - Global Warming Potential of Zero

Solar Power

Prevent release of CO2 emissions equal to 2.7 million pounds of coal being burned

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Lower prices and exemplary service create lifetime customer loyalty


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