Bernard C. Campbell Middle School Created by a bcms student

The main entrance here at BCMS.

FOREIGN lang. hall
Our wonderful trophy case
You DON'T want to be a visitor here!
This is our art hallway.
The Campbell Conditioning Center
This is where we eat lunch
This is our FACs room
This is our gym. We do lots of fun things in here!
This is where we show all the presentations we make!
This is where we go to get our food.
When you are new here and need a schedule go to the Guidance office.
This is our library. If you want a book you come here.
This is our math hall. It is on the top floor.
This is our office.
This is the entrance to our music room.
This is our tech room. Where we do word work and metal work.
This is our sewing room. You can go here for certain classes.
This is our speech room.
This is the tech hall.
This is our science hall. It is on the top florr in our school.
This is where you get to wait if you are called in.
This is our Social studies/ american history hall.
This is our cookie cart. It is located in the lunch room/commons.


Created with images by Iwan Gabovitch - "Red"

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