EAT. SLEEP. READ. REPEAT... St gregory’s ‘readers for life’ MAGAZINE

Issue 2

Welcome to the second edition of the St Gregory’s digital Magazine that celebrates everything bookish - ‘Eat, Sleep, READ, repeat!’

As we look ahead to the summer holidays, what better time to find a brand new book to pack in your travel bag or put your feet up with in the back garden! It’s also the longest period of time that your child will spend away from school during the year so it’s also really beneficial for them to keep in the reading habit.

This edition of our school magazine will feature contributions from some of our avid readers in school who have loved the opportunity to research and write content toward a publication. There are lots of valuable skills that they have developed - perhaps a future career in journalism...?!

Mr Wilson



Go With the Flo

Cosy Days in Pjs

Summer Reads

Book Reviews


Matt pictured with his awesome series ‘Ultimate Football Heroes’

Hi everyone at St Gregory’s! My name is Matt Oldfield and I'm the author of Unbelievable Football and Johnny Ball: Accidental Football Genius. I'm also one half of the brothers behind the Ultimate Football Heroes and Classic Football Heroes books series for children aged 7-12. Our fun, action-packed biographies tell the exciting life stories of the world's greatest footballers, from Maradona through to Messi, from Beckham through to Kane.

Current stars or all-time classic legends.... You decide!

Anyone else super excited for the summer ahead? After a very challenging couple of years, it feels like at last we’ve got lots to look forward to: mornings in the park with our mates, afternoons in the sun with an amazing book, holidays where it hopefully doesn’t rain (too much), and if you’re a football fan like me, the excitement of Euro 2020. Will England go all the way and win it? Is this the tournament when Belgium finally live up to all the hype? Will France lift back-to-back major trophies like they did in 1998/2000? So many possibilities, and I haven’t even mentioned Wales or Scotland yet!

The England National Team collection

I can’t wait to spend this summer doing my two favourite things: watching lots of football and reading lots of books. I like to learn about a variety of different topics but there will definitely be some football books near the top of my pile. After all, I need to do my homework on the next big football heroes ahead of Euro 2020!

For me, that’s what summer reading is all about – fun and adventure based around your biggest passions. So, whether you love football, food, frogs, or futuristic time travel, find something exciting to read and enjoy your summer.


Don’t miss the stars of the girl’s game!

Go With The Flo!

Some of our super KS2 readers compiled a set of questions which Eat, Sleep, Read Repeat put to the owner of Ebb & Flo book shop - Diane Gunning. Here’s what she had to say!

1. What inspired you to open your own bookshop?

I always loved reading and books but didn’t even consider that I could open a bookshop until I was reading The Guardian newspaper one weekend and saw a supplement about independent bookshops. I couldn’t shake the idea of opening my own bookshop so I gave up my job in a school, and spent a year planning how to do it. Ebb & Flo bookshop has been open now for 8 years.

2. What are your best selling books for children?

The Accidental Diary of BUG by Jen Carney; Coming to England by Floella Benjamin; Julia Donaldson picture books.

3. I usually go to Ebb & Flo book shop for a new book before I go on a plane journey. Could you recommend any good books for summer holiday reading?

Meet Matilda Rocket Builder by Dom Conlon; The Accidental Diary of BUG by Jen Carney; Noah’s Gold by Frank Cottrell Boyce; Murder on the Safari Star by MG Leonard; Voyage of the Sparrowhawk by Natasha Farrant – these are all excellent reads!

4. Do any authors ever visit your store?

Yes, we’ve had lots of author visiting to sign books, illustrate our window or for very small events. For larger events we hire other venues such as Chorley Theatre or Chorley Library – our biggest author event was at The Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays. We also take authors into local schools.

Support your local independent book shops ❤️

5. Which sell the most – adult reads or children reads?

We sell a lot of each but children’s books win!

6. What activities do you hold in your shop?

Before lockdown we had a weekly storytime for pre-schoolers; reading group for adults; school visits; craft workshops. In the past we’ve had art exhibitions, Where’s Wally hunt and the meeting for a Secret Cake Club (my favourite!)

7. Do you have any future plans for your shop?

I would love more space and could do with a Room of Requirement. However as we don’t have this, I’d love to extend into the back yard and make the downstairs bigger. Also our upstairs room will become a space for teachers to come and browse books for school/topics.

Check out Ebb & Flo on Gillibrand Street in Chorley town centre... Say hi to Diane!

Cosy days in PJs!

This May, all of the children at school donned their PJs and onesies and curled up with a favourite book for Pajamarama 2021! We joined thousands of children around the country enjoying stories, reading and rhymes - all in the comfort of their PJs - and with your kind donations helped the BookTrust make sure every child in need gets their bedtime story - a special time that all young children should experience.

It was a comfy day for all!
Here are some of the children's favourite books and PJs!

With everyone's help, BookTrust can help children and their families in need, providing them with guidance and books for bedtime that a child can call their own. Together, they can both look forward to cuddling up to read a story every night; which could help a child to do better at school and improve his/her confidence.

Book Reviews

In this edition of Eat, Sleep, Read, Repeat, we invited children in Year 4 to share some their book reviews from class reading this term - here's what they had to say!

'Bad Dad' by David Walliams

I like this book because it is about a banger racer. His car was called Queenie. His dad was a racer but sadly, he lost his job. This was because he crashed Queenie so he was forced to do bad things - that is why it's called, 'Bad Dad'.

Reviewed by B.T.

'Mr Nobody's Eyes' By Michael Morpurgo

I really liked this book! A boy called Harry got into trouble at school and doesn't like his step father. I like the monkey peaking out of the curtain on the front cover too!

Review by L.D.

'The World's Worst Parents' By David Walliams

I enjoyed this book and it was very interesting. I would recommend it to my friends in class. My favourite part was when a man named Peter Pong with very smelly feet scraped the bottom of his feet and put the scrapings on his daughter's spaghetti and then the competition judges.

Review By A.A.

'Revenge of the Sith' By Elizabeth Dowsett

I love Star Ward so I liked the theme and characters in this book. It is in the adventure genre. We join Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin, Chancellor Palpatine and General Grievous in an epic tale. I loved the duel at the end!

Review by T.G.

'Dork Diaries - Puppy Love' By Rachel Renee - Russell

I love this book because it has very descriptive words and is based on life in a school. I also liked how there are cute animals in this version. I especially liked the part where all of the puppies licked Mackensie! It was really funny!

Review By H.W.

Summer Reads

Drift away into another world this summer!

Keeping minds active while trying to fill those long summer days can be a challenge. But help is at hand! Trying to keep kids busy and entertained over the summer holidays can often be stressful, and lots of us want our children to stay engaged with reading throughout the summer.

Here are some simple steps we can take to keep kids interested in books over the holidays...


Start small

Summers are for fun; some children might not imagine books being a part of their dream summer holiday, and that’s okay. Start off with something small, like magazines, comics, or graphic novels. This will let your child know that reading doesn’t have to mean long dense texts, and they should only read what they enjoy in their spare time.


Be a reading role model

Children often mimic the behaviours of older role models, so why not pick up a book to motivate your child? Reading will also benefit you: research indicates that 38% of people in the UK find reading to be a good remedy for stress.


Have a chat

Discussing what you’re both reading will bring the words to life and help start conversations with your child. Children appreciate it when you take an interest in them and their reading should be no different. Talking about things with your child will also allow you to explore new perspectives and process what they read. A book has the ability to unlock a child’s imagination and allow them to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Build on that. Learn what your child sees.


Get their friends in on it

Like most people, children don’t want to feel like the odd ones out. So, make reading something that they can do with their friends. Have a chat with some of the parents at your school to see how they’d feel about library “play-dates”. You can take your child, a friend, and perhaps a parent to your local library to pick out books. Lots of libraries organise activities over the summer, which are a great way to motivate your child to read whilst also building friendships before the start of the new school year.


Make it a routine

It’s often hard to change or build a new habit. Why not set aside 15 minutes for reading every day over the summer, for both you and your child? Work it into their routine, a good time might be before dinner so you can discuss what they’ve read during your meal. If you have a particularly busy schedule (like lots of parents do these days!), why not listen to books whilst in the car? Your child can follow along with the physical book and you can still talk to them about the story and characters.

New Releases Recommended for Summer Reading!

Find out more about Matt Oldfield’s book series at heroesfootball.com