idioms some common idioms explained

1. The name of the restaurant is on the tip of my tongue.

Today is sunday, but I still have lots of homework. I was shopping and watching the movies all day yesterday. So I sent a message on the Facebook : Can someone give me a hand with my homework?!

3. Time flies when you’re having fun.

I was playing games on the computer after class. After awhile, I heard someone was calling me. I saw the voice come from my teacher when I turned my head. And he said: “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I didn’t understand why he said this until I saw the time. The next class already started five minutes ago!

4. Even though I lost, I gave it my all.

5. The basketball game got out of hand with a lot of fighting.

commentator: Look! NO. 11 is passing the ball to NO. 7, and NO. 7 is jumping up to shoot the ball. Oh! He is knocked down by a player, and he is laying on the floor. The player who knock NO.7 is fighting with other players. The basketball game is getting out of hand with a lot of fighting!

6. I’m going to be in hot water when my parents find out.

I Broke my father’s favorite vase yesterday, then I glued it with glue. But when my parents find out, I’m going to be in hot water.

7. The film was a real eye-opener for me about universe.

I just watched a movie called “Interstellar”, and this film is about the “time and space”, and I saw a lots of planets. Although this film is difficult for me to understand, it was a real-opener for me about universe.

8. That girl caught my eyes

9. The shirt cost me an arm and a leg.

I bought this shirt for $1000, it cost me an arm and a leg.

10. My brother threw a fit when he lost the game.

Today, my brother played football with his classmates. But at the crucial moment, he missed the goal, so he lost the game. My brother throw a fit after the game.

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