Gray Wolf Population By Bridget O'Brien and Clare Chambers

Map from Mexico to America

Wolves emigrated from Mexico and immigrated to the United States because in Mexico they were captured for breeding programs in Arizona.

Graph of Gray Wolf Population

The births of the gray wolves increased exponentially (starting slowly and gradually increasing faster and faster) which cases the initial J shape in the graph, but over time the population reached carrying capacity due to a lack of resources for an increasing population, making the line in the graph plateau into an S shape . Deaths then increased at carrying capacity due to the limited resources in their environment. Carrying capacity is the limit of which the population can grow due to the amount of resources. Some density-dependent limiting factors for gray wolves would be competition for the limited resources, and also diseases that spread throughout the population. Some density-independent limiting factors would be droughts in the population, making resources more sparse, and also temperature such as global warming driving away prey for the wolves.


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