To be a CASA Agent The impact you shine on someones life can make more of a difference than you think.

  • Daily Tasks:
  • Gather information, review documents and records, interview the children, and family members and professionals in their lives.
  • Work Schedule:
  • Expected to spend an aproximated 10 hours per case yet most spend most of there lives everyday working on a case
  • Salary:
  • All CASA Agents are volunteer workers.
  • Work Environment:
  • They work with the court most of the time, foster parents and the children along with the houses they live in.
  • Issues?:
  • Court issues you have to stay between the law and some of the parents that they have to deal with, you may have to travel a lot as well.
  • Benefits:
  • The only benefit that you get is the knowledge that you gain from the experiances that you go through while you are in CASA
  • Education:
  • Must be 18 and have a highschool diploma, 30 hours of pre-service training, must observe a counted number of court herings, must be able to commit for 18 months, must pass a screening eligibilty according to sepreme court rule #10
  • How do they help:
  • They help the kids more than the parents, they make sure that these kids in the foster system or adoptive system or were ever needed they make sure theyre being taken care of properly. They give each family a little more since of pride. Theyre there for when something happens theyre there and can make a court approved action at that time, this CASA system makes everyone feel safe. Theyre here for protection for these kids and families.
  • What skills do you need for this job?:
  • No special skills.

Created by: Kristopher Horsley

Created By
Kristopher Horsley


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