John F. And Jacqueline Kennedy Katie Torkkola

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  • Born on May 29, 1917, in Brookline, MA, to the parents Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Joseph Patrick Kennedy.
  • While at Harvard, John's father was appointed to be U.S. Ambassador to England in 1937.
  • Stayed in House of Rep. for three terms (1946) and elected into U.S. Senate (1952).
  • 35th Pres. elected on Nov. 8, 1960 and sworn in on Jan. 20, 1961.
  • Shot and killed on Nov. 23, 1963.

Jaqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy

  • Born on July 28, 1929, in Southampton, NY, to the parents John Vernon III and Janet Lee Bouvier.
  • Went to Vassar college and transferred to The George Washington University.
  • Became "Inquiring Camera Girl" for Washington Times-Herald
  • Helped stop destruction of historic buildings
  • Died on May 19, 1994

The marriage

  • Married on September 12, 1953 (10 years) Met in interview
  • Jackie wanted divorce, but decided to stay
  • Caroline Bouvier (59), John Jr. (38), Patrick Bovier
  • JFK and Marilyn Monroe

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