A quote that relates to Roger is "Dreams don't work unless you do" because he is very athletic and dedicated to his sports.

A song Roger would listen to is Forever by Drake. It's a good song to listen to to get hyped up before a game.

Hey, I'm Roger. I'm one of the most popular freshman at Reardan. My friends and I don't like new people, so when Arnold came I wasn't too friendly. But then he punched me in the face so I had to have respect for him. I'm a great football player, and a great basketball player too. I have a nickname for my friend Penelope, Penultimate. Arnold and I both made the varsity basketball team. We're pretty good for freshmen.

Today we had basketball tryouts. I'm strong, fast, and I can dunk. I wasn't nervous at all, I knew I'd make varsity. So I just kept a smile on my face and played hard. We shot basketballs for a while. Arnold has a pretty good shot. Then coach came over to talk about tryouts. He said that as long as we treat him and play with dignity and respect, then he'll treat us with dignity and respect too. He made us run 100 laps. We were all tired after that. Now he made us play full court 1v1. I versed Arnold. He didn't break it down by position so everybody was playing anybody. Arnold took the ball and started dribbling down the court, but I was faster and stronger so I swiftly took the ball, dribbled down to my end and dunked it. I like Arnold, but this is a competition. There's no room for friends. Coach said go again, and this time he tried to play defense and I knocked him to the ground. I needed to make sure of my spot on varsity. Coach said go one more time, but this time, he beat me. It was crazy. Maybe he deserved a spot on varsity too. So I just said good job to him and gave him a fist bump. Overall, tryouts went pretty well.

Roger's interests and skills include basketball, football, penelope, his friends, and being athletic.


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