Wine Revolution Bringing the Respect Back into Drinking for Liberty University Students

Drinking does not have to be something that is done for the purpose of drunkeness. There is a wholesome, social aspect behind it that many people enjoy, minus the buzz.

Drinking is an art, not something to be done frivolously and foolishly.

The idea of a typical college party where people get wasted because they are drinking excessively should be challenged by the Christian community. The secular world needs to be shown there is a right way to drink alcohol. 

Students at Liberty University should be the first to fight the stigma of college drinking by drinking with discernment and respect. Therefore, Liberty should take away the no drinking contract.

Christians are called to shed light on certain subjects, especially the ones that the world has got wrong. While alcohol is not meant to be consumed in the manner that the world does, it is not to be fully avoided. God gave us self-control for a reason. After all, our very own Savior drank.

If a Christian so chooses, he or she should go out a show the world how to drink without all the mess that goes along with it. Yes, it takes self-control and awareness, but it can be done and would provide a pathway for many others to follow.

If Liberty drops their ban, they would make a lot of noise in the Christian world and let others know that it is possible to drink responsibly.


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