Canbury School Newsletter 8th March 2019. issue 153.

Dear Parents and Visitors

We had a delightful and busy morning on Wednesday with the first of this year's Senior Welcome Mornings. Nearly 20 Year 5 and 6 pupils came to Canbury. Science, Drama, History and Art were just some of the highlights and there was a lot of appreciative "ooohing" and "aaahhhhing" as they got to grips with the bunsen burner in the Canbury Laboratory. Some of the young visitors already know they will be joining us in September, and others were prospective 2019/2020 students.

Senior Welcome Morning goes with a whizz and a pop.

Next Wednesday is Parents' Evening for Year 12/13. Please do let Mr Natt know you will be attending.

Well done to all those staff and students (not to mention parental taxis!) who battled the truly atrocious traffic this morning to get into school. I hear there will be further traffic disruption over the next few weeks so I would urge you to take a look at http://public.londonworks.gov.uk to see where the hot spots are going to be.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a lovely relaxing weekend, ahead of the Canbury show beginning again next Monday morning at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Adam for achieving excellence in 20 Mathematics skills in ixl.

Zac for achieving excellence in 15 Mathematics skills in ixl.

Zac for learning to be patient with himself in Music and mastering new chords on the ukulele.

Kyrell for good focus in Music and leading the chord changes so clearly.

Year 8

Shaaiyon for achieving excellence in 35 Mathematics skills on ixl.

Alannah and Phoebe for achieving excellence in 30 Mathematics skills on ixl.

Ain for achieving excellence in 10 Mathematics skills on ixl.

Ottilie for achieving excellence in 20 Mathematics skills on ixl.

Year 9

Alex for achieving excellence in 60 Mathematics skills on ixl.

Alex again, for his focus in Music and picking up the bass part on the ukulele.

Evie for great ideas and participation in Drama.

Year 10

Emily and Matthew for great creative sentences in Spanish.

Louis for a big improvement in punctuality and being very helpful in Chemistry with a fellow student.

Year 11

Eugenia for her engagement in Mathematics.

Ijaaz for 70% on HCF and LCM in Mathematics.

Caitlin for her outstanding work in speech and language therapy regarding active listening!


Mathematics News

While the rest of Year 8 were at the football tournament, Alannah, Phoebe, Harry A, Harry L, and Matthew had a tournament of their own. They played Mathematics Magic, a game of strategy and skill to get the highest score, using only the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiply and divide), while blocking their opponents' chances of getting a good score.

Look at Matthew's face!
Matthew and Phoebe (bottom right) on their way to a winning score, whilst Alannah and Harry A ponder their move..

The winning score was 423 from Matthew and Phoebe. Well played everyone. Good sportsmanship and communication all round.

Sports News


On Tuesday KS3 participated in their swimming time trials, which was a practice run before the Inter-House swimming gala on the 19th of this month. There were excellent performances all round, with lots of students achieving new personal bests. Matthew in Year 8 stood out in particular, improving all three of his previous times, and shaving 11 seconds off his previous best in 50 m freestyle - well done Matthew!

KS4 SSSSA Football Tournament at Goals:

Out of students in Year 10 and the 6th form, Canbury managed to enter two teams into the competition. Both teams performed excellently, with our ‘A’ team drawing one of their match and then winning the rest. Our ‘B’ team started very well, winning their first two games and then unfortunately losing the next three. All in all the students had a great time and represented Canbury in an exemplary manner.

A beautiful day for the beautiful game.

KS4/5 football squad: L-R, top row: Chris, James B, Joe, Alex, Miles, Ben. L-R, bottom row: Pascal, Rosie, Margaux.

KS3 SSSSA Football Tournament at Goals, Wimbledon

The 'A' Team captained by Shiroxley played in the Championship Division and had a series of close, exciting matches. Match results lost v Sunnydown 0-1, won v Philip Southcote 2-1 (goals Alex W, Shiroxley), lost v Bensham Manor 1-2 (goal Evie), lost v Sunnydown 0-1, won v Philip Southcote 2-1 (goals Evie, Alex W). I was impressed by the efforts and excellent team spirit of the team, with 'Most Valued Player' going to Evie. The 'B' Team captained by Jack E had a couple of very close games, then lost heavily before finishing with a loss. Results 0-1, 1-2, 0-5, 0-2.

Looking ahead:

12 March - SSSSA Unihoc Tournament KS3 St. Pier’s, Lingfield, 11am - 2pm.

13 Mar Inter House Cross Country ALL Richmond Park, 2pm - 3.30pm.

14 Mar Football v KPS A/B KS3 Kingsmeadow, 2pm - 3pm.

19 Mar Inter-House Swimming GALA KS3 Kingfisher Pool, 11am - 12 noon.

20 Mar Football v KPS A/B KS4 Kingsmeadow, 2pm - 3pm.

House News

The football 3-sided mini tournament on Tuesday was a popular event for Canbury students with many coming along to participate and support their house. The atmosphere during the event was amazing to watch, with lots of students on the sideline cheering for their house as their peers gave their full efforts during every match. After four 5-minute matches, the final came down to Johnson team 2 vs Noble team 2. It was a very intense match and the students worked amazingly hard in their teams to win for their house. In the final minute, Johnson scored the one and only goal of the match and won the competition for their house.

Noble team 2 were to be the winners.

Congratulations to Kiran, Ben and Ain from Noble team 2 and Joe, Kyrell, Matt W and Chris for a fantastic final game - you all played exceptionally!

Remember you get FIVE house points just for participating in an event! So, thank you to all the students who continue to take part in the house events and show incredible house spirit!

Roll up roll up for Comic Relief Day

Get your mufti ready for Comic Relief Day which takes place this year next Friday 15th March. Students will be able to wear mufti, in return for a £2 donation which should be handed into their form tutor from Monday 11th March. Mrs Bowen will also be hosting a "Tell a Joke" forum at lunchtime. In return for an additional £1 you can tell a joke to a captive audience.

Medal haul for Caitlin

It's no surprise if Caitlin complains of neck ache. She recently took part in the Surrey County Championships and achieved two Gold medals in the 50m Breaststroke and 100m Butterfly, three Silver medals in the 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke and 50m Butterfly and a Bronze in the 50m Freestyle. As well as recording several PBs, to top it all off, Caitlin also broke three new DSISO Americas LC Junior records at these Championships. What a fantastic achievement!

Caitlin with some of her medal haul at the London Aquatics Centre.

Rosie gearing up for her own swimming challenge.

Meanwhile, Year 10 student Rosie is getting ready for her own swimming challenge at the end of this month. The plucky teen will be swimming 15 km over the last weekend of March in a bid to raise a substantial sum of money for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie.

Rosie - 600 lengths of the pool, or 15 km. Whichever way you look at it, that's a lot!

This will be one big challenge. Rosie will be swimming 200 lengths of the pool every evening over the three days - that is A LOT of lengths. Go go go Rosie. We are all rooting for you.


Meet the member of staff..

.....or, nosey corner. Where we get to learn a little bit more about a member of the Canbury family. This week it's the turn of speech and language therapist Miss Kaiser, whose idea of a good time is to eat Indian and Lebanese food on the same day, who loves a natter with a friend and who, in another life, might have been a flapper girl in New York. Read on!

Miss Kaiser - you may bump into her on Route 66 one of these days.

When are you happiest?

That’s easy! Nothing beats summer time in Michigan, by Lake Huron, with my extended family.

What is your best way to de-stress and unwind?

When I can, I try to get out in nature and either cycle or go for a hike. Going out with friends is my favourite way to de-stress on a weekend.

Tell us something about your childhood that we would never guess.

That my first language was German - my accent wouldn’t really give that away!

You’re shipwrecked…..you will be rescued in a year. What three things would you not be able to live without? (Please note a mobile phone + charger = two things!)

I would love not to mention my phone, so I won’t. I can’t imagine living without coffee, a decent book and a good friend for company. The latter is the most important to me.

Best holiday to come – money and time no object?

One of my favourite things to dream about! Funnily enough, it would probably be travelling along Route 66 in the US and making detours to camp in national parks (Yosemite is high up on my 'to see' list!). It's not exactly luxurious, but you do need the luxury of time!

Favourite book/song of all time?

Without a doubt, my favourite book is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. My favourite song changes depending on my mood but I love anything by Sade!

If you could time travel, where and when would you go to?

Hmmm..I would like to attend a party in New York in the 1920s - I love the clothes!

Person you most admire?

Lately, I have been so inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I admire how outspoken and determined she is, despite being so young.

American politician and activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

What does your ideal day look like - you have no time restraints and a bag full of cash?

A day at the beach with family and friends, with lots of Lebanese food for lunch. Then a sunset party on a boat with Indian food for dinner and some live music playing. Oh and I’d love to be able to squeeze in a stand-up comedy show. That sounds pretty good to me!

Best thing about Canbury?

The friendly environment, without a doubt.




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