Liver Cancer stephanie , jaime

who- This infects humans special at any age. Humans can get if they have birth defects, alcohol abuse , or chronic infection with diseases such as hepatitis B and C hemochromatosis. No one carries it you can only get it over time.

cancer cells

What- Liver is a chronic liver disease . Liver cancer is a condition that happens when normal cells in the liver become abnormal in appearance and behavior. The cancer cells can become destructive to adjacent normal tissues, and can spread both to other areas of the liver and to the organs outside the liver.

Dr. Baruch Blumberg

When- The first recorded attempts of liver surgery was in 1870. Hepatitis b is found to be the leading cause of liver cancer in the 1960s. In 1963 was also the year the first liver transplant was performed. Research led by Dr. Baruch Blumberg found the first isolate the hepatitis B virus in blood in the 1960s. While the virus had long been suspected to have a role in liver cancer.



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