An Athletic Uprising The rise of the liberty university club sports program

By: Thomas Forsythe

The Liberty University Club Sports programs all follow a training program made up by Strength coach Chris Kerr. Although some programs are not required to lift weights about 95 percent are and do.

Coach Kerr breaks down every program to an athletes specific needs to be as effective as possible in their respective sport. He looks at how to increase an athlete’s strength, power, explosiveness, and much more.

“I do not want an athlete to be a monster in the weight room and a waste competing, I want the specific person to be able to do the best they can when they walk in to a training session so they can do their best when they walk out to practice or in a game. I want them to dominate at both,” Kerr said.

Kerr breaks down all angles of an athlete’s athletic performance with a “max out” day. Which is when you see how much weight you can lift in four respected lifts. Which are the

  1. Bench Press
  2. Front Squat or Back Squat
  3. Hang Clean
  4. Push Press

Then as the semester goes on each team lifts twice a week together and are required to on their own to work towards having a new personal record on “max day” at the end of the training cycle or semester.

Kerr programs the training cycle by starting off at 60-65 percent then keep increasing those percentages by 2-5 percent each week. This also the athlete to become better in certain areas they are weaker in than others while most importantly building strength.

These programs have turned out some amazing results and are easy to follow so you can remember them on your own while training. Kerr also sends out training programs for the athletes when the semester comes to a close so they can stay on top of their progress.

Kerr is also one of the leading strength coaches in the country and will continue to run the club sports program for years to come due to his success (Word Count 338).


The Liberty University Club Sports Program has been on the rise for the last two years with a lot of credit going to Head Strength Coach, Chris Kerr.

He has developed successful workout programs for his athletes to follow to be at their best as a team and individually two times per week and on their own time.

He wants his athletes to excel in the following athletic areas of power, strength, explosion, and speed. He does this through four main lifts in the weight room.

Show example of a

1. Bench Press

2. Front Squat

3. Push Press

4. Hang Clean

Coach Chris will continue to lead the strength program due to his high levels of success over the years (Word Count 121).

The above story was written by a student journalist at Liberty University for a class project.

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