The Gardens School Annual Plan, 2018

Our Vision: Education that prepares learners for their future and challenges them to continually strive.

Our Motto: Edge of the Horizon. Taha O te Rangi

Our Mission: To develop independent, life long learners with strong foundations of literacy and numeracy through real, student driven, inquiry learning using ICT as a tool.

Key Values: WINGS

Wonder, Innovate, Nurture, Grow, Succeed.

Key Goals (Nag 2 - 6)

Effectively plan the new school development through a strong strategic direction and a well established, committed culture for staff, students, whanau and our community.

To ensure policies reflect practice through a system of regular self review.

Maintain a high performing Board of Trustees and ensure succession planning is in place for changes to Board following the opening of our new school.

To staff TGS with the most well equipped teachers and support staff and to ensure all have an understanding of the philosophy that guides us, as expressed in our cornerstone statements.

Maintain school finances to meet the needs of our dynamic learning environment.

Work with the Ministry of Education to complete the rebuild and ground works for the completion of our school.

Ensure Health and Safety practices are in place and that risks are minimised for our students, staff and community members.

Manage the enrolment scheme and ensure only valid applications are accepted.

Provide the Board with timely information about Legislative changes that may affect us and to meet our obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Schoolwide Targets and Development Plans

Digital Technologies embedded into teaching and learning.

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Special Needs

Our SENCO provides support programs for children requiring additional support. Teacher Aides are allocated to individuals, groups and programs as required. Our SENCO liaises directly with families, other agencies and seeks assistance from RTLB, RTLit, MOE, GSE etc. Incidences and interventions are recorded on Line-Ed and this date will be used to sort trends and inform decisions about programs and support required.

English as a Second Language.

We provide our Lead Teacher with .8 release to deliver a superior program for our students. We now have over 20% of our roll as second language learners. Teacher Aides support programs with both in-class support and withdrawing students for lessons. Classroom teachers are familiar with the ELLs requirements and the record keeping for their students. Ongoing PD is provided to ensure teachers understand the relevance of ELLP in their classroom and that levelling and recording is accurate assessment. There is an expectation the ELLP will inform teaching practice in classrooms.

The Linguist Club operates throughout the school and students are buddied up with others' who share the same first language. Cultural days, festivals and open lunchtimes operate, with activities to ensure we embrace cultural diversity and provide support for children with very little English language.

Specialist Teaching- Physical Education

Second Languages Action Plan

Specialist Teaching - Music

Enviro Action Plan

Time Specific Goals-

Curriculum Goal- to firmly embed collaborative teaching into our daily practice, across all levels of the school.

Property Goal- to complete all rebuild associated works and have our site back as a whole school.

Staff Development Goal- to support staff fully, who have been involved in shifting the school, thus having very little summer break.

Time Specific Curriculum Goal

Time Specific Property Goal

Time Specific Staff Development Goal

During the last five years, our staff have completed the metamorphosis from single cell teaching to a fully digital and collaborate platform. Finally, with the completion of our new school, we can move in and begin to develop an understanding of how spaces work and what this means for teaching and learning.

We are on a journey together and some issues relating to this style of teaching will undoubtedly arise and our plan is to be responsive to these issues and to find solutions, be they based on increased professional development, changes, revamping or intervening.

We will continue to share readings, articles, visits and best practice as it comes to us. Once visits to our new school gain momentum, we will also be pursuing excellence, to prove to others that ILE can be highly successful. We plan to share this knowledge in a variety of ways, including written material and workshops for teachers.

The End...... for now.

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