sending rockets to the moon Again By Aidan Vosper

On July 20th of 1969, the first manned aircraft landed on the moon. This marked a major accomplishment in american history as no country had ever landed a manned aircraft on the moon. The last rocket that landed on the moon was on the 22nd of August, 1972. It has been forty two years and now many people believe it is time that we send rockets back to the moon.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Wednesday indicated that President Donald Trump may want the United States to resurrect its pioneering spirit in outer space -- much the same way another American leader did five decades ago. Acting NASA Administrator Robert M. Lightfoot, Jr., sent a memo to employees Wednesday saying he had instructed the agency to work up a feasibility report on adding astronauts to its planned EM-1 flight late next year. Furthermore, Trump wants to extend space travel therefore, he is for going to the moon.

Going back to the moon would be a good idea because it contains very rare minerals that scientists could examine. “The Moon may offer mineral resources, so to speak, of great value on Earth. Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt, working with the Fusion Technology Institute of the University of Wisconsin, has shown that helium 3, an isotope extremely rare.” (NASA).

Also the surface of the moon consists a dust that covers most of the planet. “A fine dust called regolith covers the moon. The bombardment of micrometeoroids broke the moon’s rocks into very tiny pieces, creating regolith.” (NASA). Therefore scientists believe that we should go back to the moon and that it is a good idea.

Although, if America was to go back to the moon it would be very costly. Going back to the moon would cost approximately one hundred and four million. The plan calls for an Apollo-like vehicle to carry crews of up to four astronauts to the moon for seven-day stays on the lunar surface. The spacecraft, known as the Crew Exploration Vehicle or CEV, could even carry six-astronaut crews to the international space station or fly automated resupply shipments as needed. (NBC News).

In conclusion going back to the moon would be good and bad. It would be good because scientists could examine the surface and much more about the moon. Likewise, Donald J. Trump is also interested in further space travel like going back to the moon. Lastly, it would be bad because it would be extremely costly with a total price of approximately 104 billion.

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