Surgeon Physicians and heart surgeon

Job Description

Diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses

Education Required

You have to get a doctoral (8 years) or you could have a professional degree.

Skills needed to accomplished this job

You have to be able to stay clam and take charge when your in a surgery .


Being a surgeon can make you about $187,200 a year or can get more but you get paid $90.00 dollars an hour .

Advantages & Disadvantages

Many advantages and disadvantages that comes with being a surgeon is the long hours or the good income and etc .

Why did I chose this career area and how it fits a good job for me

I chose this career because it makes good income each year, and I think it would be a great job for me cause I can handle pressure and stay clam when things go bad .

What attracts you the most to this career

It caught my eye when my mom and sisters watched a series about surgeons and how there life are and job is about being a surgeon.

What are my concerns about this job

My concerns about the job is how its gonna be everyday on the job or if I mess up on something can it be fixed ?

What would be the best strategy for making this career happen

The strategy for me making this career happing is for my grades and going to college and having some training on a surgery.


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