Homeland Connor Grant, Boddie 6th

1. The department seal.

2. John F Kelly, head of the Department of Homeland Security.

3. The Seal on CNN news.

4. The seal and the pledge.

5. How Homeland has been trying to promote there department.

6. They have a focus in cyber security.

7. Homeland Security police armored truck.

8. Homeland Security Police Officer.

9. The departments monument outside of HQ.

10. Homeland Security's HQ.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Founded January 24, 2003

Current Department head is John F. Kelly.

Homeland Security is in-charge of internal affairs, I.E. drug cartels, human trafficking, and other high federal crimes. Although the department was created in 2003, the position for a secretary was created after the following attack of September 9, 2001. The parts of military and internal responses the department has authority over are Coast Guard, National Guard, Fire Department, Police, and Hospitals/Emergency Response Vehicles. One primary concerns under President Trump, is immigration/border security. Homeland hires secret service. Homeland is in-charge of domestic violence which includes terrorist assaults/attacks.

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