Growth Project African Wild Dog Molly mcdonald

The Assignment: Create a linocut plate and 10+ prints that demonstrates understanding of texture, pattern, proportion,balance, emphasis and observational drawing.

Parameters: Must save and use resource photos.Must choose an animal, insect or a plant on the endangered species list. Lines/shape must extend off the page on 3-4 sides Must have overlapping shapes Must have a variety of Line work (thick, thin, continuous, etc.) Background must be filled with 1 uniform texture.

African Wild Dog

About the Animal

African wild dogs are found in Africa. They are beginning to decrease in population due to mankind invading their habitats and killing off their prey, as well as polluting the area they roam/live in.


In Progress Work

Process: I started out sketching, then moved on to the test plate, where I practiced cutting out the animal. After that, I tested printing with that and started on my final. My final took me about a week to complete. I added a lot of details and additions to it, like craving out a whole mountain or spots on the animal. After that I printed 10 times and chose my best print to be my final.

Problems and Solutions: The only problems I ran into were messing up on my cutting, for example my hand would slip and Id cut further than I meant to. Other times I ran into not being sure how to cut things out, so I would have to use a sharpie to out line areas to cut out.

Cut Out

Final Piece

African Wild Dog

Critique of Work

(We haven't gotten our work graded/returned yet.)


Created with images by cliff1066™ - "African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus):" • cliff1066™ - "African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)" • Derek Keats - "African wild dog, Lycaon pictus (young) at uMkhuze Game Reserve, kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa"

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