Lana Del Rey By: Joseph Muscarelle

How was she inspired to have such dark outlook or concept on life and her music?

Childhood Photos


"Lana Del Rey" was born "Elizabeth Woolridge Grant" 1986 in Lake Placid, New York state. She was born into a wealthy family with the parents "Patricia Ann Hill" and "Robert England Grant Jr." she has two younger siblings a sister "Caroline" and a brother "Charlie Hill". As a teenager she got into various things like drugs and alcohol and spiraled into depression and anxiety. She eventually overcame that going to many rehab programs around her area.

What is the overall general topic that Lana Del Rey has or includes in her music?

Aldulthood Photos


After high school she was accepted into State University Of New York" but decided instead to spend the year with her aunt and uncle on in Long Island. During her time there her uncle taught her how to play the guitar. She would also go to open mic nights at restaurants and sing there. She had many stage names including "Sparkle Jump Rope Queen" and "Lizzy Grant". After that year she attended "Fordham University" and in her senior year in the music program she was signed to "5 Point Records" and moved out to New Jersey where she would make four unreleased albums including "No Kung Fu", "Lizzy Grant", "Sirens", and "Kill Kill".

Unreleased Albums

How did religion influence Lana Del Rey's music since she has many songs including things like Cults and Bible Stories?

Born To Die

January 1st, 2011


January 1st, 2014


September 18th, 2015

Music Life

She switched record labels in 2011 to "Polydor, Interscope Records (UK)". She moved Britain where she wrote and recorded her debut album "Born To Die" which was released January 1st, 2011. That album included hits like "Born To Die", "Blue Jeans", "Video Games", and "Summertimes Sadness" all including music videos with over 50,000,000 views. Next she wrote and her recorded her second album "Paradise" released January 1st, 2012. She released a short film titled "Tropico" inspired by Bible Stories like "Adam and Eve". That film included "Body Electric", "God's and Monsters", and "Bel Air" all from her Paradise album. Her third album she moved back to American and teamed up "Dan Orbach" and "Rufus Wainwright" to make a stripped down masterpiece named "Ultraviolence" released on January 1st, 2014 which included "Ultraviolence", and "West Coast". Her newest album up to date "Honeymoon" released on September 18th, 2015 had hits like "Music to Watch Boys To", "Terrance Loves You", "High By the Beach", and "Freak" which was inspired by the "Jonestown" cult mass suicide which was referenced in the music video by drinking "Kool-Aid" and many women surrounding a man which were many occurrences in this cult.


Overall Life

Over all Lana Del Rey is praised for her originality and interesting persona. She has a dark outlook on life that speaks to many people. She showed the world that she is not just a pretty face or a typical Pop Star. She can do way more than people think and there is no one in the industry close to who she is. Her music has won her many "Brit" awards and "Grammy" nominations. She has also gotten recognition from legendary artists and people. Overall she is a God in the artistry of music industry.


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