The Civil Rights Movement keep the movement moving

The Civil Rights Movement had many great moments. There was the March on Washington, the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Brown vs Board of Education.

We'll take a look at the journey along the civil rights movement, as we look at these three historic and monumental moments in American history.

Marches included children, men, and women of all races and all creeds.

The marches that took place during this time was reflective of how so many people felt. Marches included white and black people that had become frustrated with the slow move towards equality for all.

"I have a dream, that one day..."

Rosa Parks was the catalyst that took refusing to give up a seat to a white man to another level. This single event sparked what became known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It lasted an entire 365 days of deciding not to take the bus. Not to take the bus to work. Not to take the bus for school. Not to take the bus to go to the doctors, and not to take the bus to go the grocery store.

There were negotiating this fact, and because of the unity of the community, they stuck to their guns.

Of course, this got the attention of their intended audience; the bus company. After a whole year of boycotting the Montgomery Bus Company, they folded and buses became desegregated. What did this mean? This meant that black people and white people could now sit anywhere they so pleased on a public bus. Actually, the law desegregated all public modes of transport, including trains.

This was a huge achievement, all because a little lady decided to say no!


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