Ways to make you look thinner in one day! Alwaysthinkpink

Ok so you have one day to look thinner for that beautiful fitting dress you purchased for a special event your attending .. What if there were actual ways that can make you thinner in one day. It can happen! All you need is a day to prepare yourself.

Spray a Tan

1. Go to the beach for the day and soak up the suns rays or spray a tan. Tanned skin always looks more radiant and glows so, if you need to look like a million bucks and you have less than 24 hours to make it happen all you need is a self tanning lotion and a steady hand to apply it evenly on skin or one whole day at the beach. This is one of the easiest ways to look thinner in one day.

Stay away from salt and carbonated drinks

3. Not eating certain foods and drinks is one of the ways to look skinnier in one day and that is no lie. It may sound impossible but if you have an entire day to prepare yourself and can choose what you’ll eat. Staying away from foods high in salts and carbohydrates. Also drinks that make your stomach puffy such as carbonated sodas and alcoholic beverages for just a day will keep it flat for that dress or that top you bought will fit perfectly.

Wearing nude pumps

Buy a pair of nude pumps if you’re pale as the pumps are as they can actually make your legs look longer.

Wearing dark and neutral colors

Black is not just the only color that will actually make you look slimmer – you can wear navy and / or most dark colors, even neutral colors such as beige and khaki have the same slimming effect as dark color do.

Make sure Bra and panties fit you

This tip is crucial, if your bra or panties don’t fit? those ugly fat rolls are going to show. Having your bra and panties doesn’t only look cheap but creates the illusion of excess weight even if you have lost a couple pounds. Make sure the bra and panties fit perfectly.

Wear a girdle

Girdle is one of the most popular and the most magical ways to look skinner in on day. It can be the less comfortable way but at least – you will look five pounds lighter in just 30 seconds! Why would you starve yourself the entire day just so you could look one pound slimmer when you can have a nice lunch a couple of hours before you’re supposed to leave, throw on a girdle and look fabulous!

Always Drink Water

Drink at least 64oz of water the day before the event that you want to loook thinner and you'll see your belly shrink.

Spray on Tan

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