Composing with Technology Mr. Nicolas Ranaglia, Comp 100

Hello musical pupils. Today we will be learning how to compose, arrange, and create music using various technological tools! Technology is advancing more and more rapidly in the musical field, and has brought powerful new ways to convey your musical ideas to others.

Technology is used in multiple ways. It can be used to notate your ideas into the standard arrangements that bands, orchestras, and choirs use everyday. It can be used to record the audio which is produced by those arrangements. And lastly, it can produce the sounds necessary to implement your ideas into reality. We will use a basic overview of those three concepts in our lesson.

Soundtrap Project

Our first project is to create a twist on your favorite Nursery Rhyme. The goal is to record your voice using the Soundtrap software as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Soundtrap offers a 30-day free trial for usage. Please create an account for a free trial.

First, select a Nursery Rhyme near and dear to your childhood. Once you have your Nursery Rhyme, record your voice as you read it, using Soundtrap as the DAW. In Soundtrap, you must select one of three genres to produce your mix. You may select from trip hop, dubstep, or pop. For best recording quality, use a USB Blue Snowball microphone, or a regular XLR microphone and Focusrite USB audio interface. If you don't have access to those, a simple computer built-in microphone will suffice.

After you record your whole Nursery Rhyme, now's the time to get creative! Play around with the editing features in Soundtrap to warp your project in any way you prefer. You can apply filters to your voice, add music or beats, and even pair with a partner to further implement creativity and ideas. You can even use automation and panning to change up the volume or distribution to the audio. The sky is the limit, but I will not accept a plain, unedited recording.

Once you have completed, please share your remixes to the Google Classroom dropbox folder. You must also view one other student's work and provide three sentences of constructive criticism to him/her.

Thank you! This will be a wonderful experience to introduce you all to the intriguing and ever-growing field of technology in the musical realm.

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Nicolas Ranaglia


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